How To Keep Your Gaming PC In Good Condition While In Storage

If you're moving into a smaller home that lacks an office or you're traveling out of the country for several months, you may be interested in using a storage unit to store your gaming computer. In order for your PC to remain in good condition while you're away, you'll need to take special care to ensure that you get it ready for storage beforehand. By knowing what's involved with storing your computer, you can avoid potential damage when you return.

Learn How to Start Buying Lockers at Storage Auctions

When someone does not pay the bill for their storage locker, the facility can choose to confiscate the items stored within it and then sell the items at a public auction. The items are sold at the auction so that the facility can try to recoup some of the money that they have lost by unpaid bills. If you are thinking about shopping at one of these auctions, you need to be properly prepared to ensure you know what you are getting yourself into before you actually make a purchase.

6 SAFETY Tips For Storing Emergency Food In Your Storage Unit

People use storage units for everything. One thing you may have not thought about using your storage unit for is a backup place for storing emergency food. Imagine living in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen. You do not have any extra room to store water bottles and canned food for an emergency situation. A storage unit can provide you with a backup plan. If you are going to use a storage unit to store emergency food, it is important to keep these six SAFETY tips in mind.

Don't Miss The Pocket: Tips For Moving Your Pool Table

Moving is a big task and it takes a lot of planning. Pool tables can be difficult to move, but proper preparation will ensure that your table will arrive in your new home safely. The following tips will help you get your pool table prepped and ready for your big moving day. Disassemble the Entire Pool Table Most pool tables are manufactured in many pieces and then assembled. These pieces create many weak places that can be damaged during moving.

9 Tips To Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally conscious does not stop on your moving day. You can incorporate many green practices into moving so you can avoid a negative impact on the environment. Here are some tips for making your move green. Use linens and towels for padding. Instead of using bubble wrap or other packing materials to protect your fragile items, wrap them in linens or towels. Not only are you protecting your items, but you ensure all your linens and towels are moved.