Tips For Renting A Storage Unit For Any Landscaping Equipment

If you have a large yard, it is likely that you have accumulated a large number of landscaping equipment. From lawn mowers to fertilizer, you may be having trouble keeping everything organized and safely out of reach from your children or pets. In order to keep all this equipment in the same place and to avoid any potential danger, look into renting a storage unit.

Check Any Rules for Storing Equipment

As you begin visiting different storage facilities to see what is available, it is crucial that you look into any rules that may be in place. Many facilities have specific rules about chemicals, flammable liquids, and even equipment being placed in storage.

Keep Any Liquids in Safe Containers

If the storage facility manager allows some liquids to be stored, such as paint or herbicides, it is crucial that you go the extra step and use a secure container. This way, you will not need to worry about the container tipping over and being a risk or simply making the unit a mess.

Get the Storage Unit Organized for Easy Access

Your options for organization in the storage unit include getting a unit with shelves already in place or investing in your own shelving at some point. By making sure that the storage unit is kept tidy and that any boxes are clearly labeled with what is inside, you will be able to access your landscaping equipment without any trouble.

Consider How Often You Will Need the Equipment

Organizing your storage unit means that you will need to figure out just how often you will be reaching for some of your equipment. Placing the most frequently used items near the front of the unit will help ensure that you can get in and out without any complications.

Ask About Insurance and Security

Since many kinds of landscaping equipment, including weed whackers and lawn mowers, can get quite expensive, it is a good idea to look into insurance for your storage unit. After securing this protection for your unit, you should also ask about the security features, such as surveillance cameras, locked entry, and security guards, to ensure that your items are being protected.

Before you begin dropping off your equipment in a rented unit, take the time to explore any safety concerns and how to best use the unit. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy the extra space a storage unit like Centre Avenue Self-Storage can offer without your landscaping equipment and supplies deteriorating in condition.