3 Important Qualities To Look For With Wine Storage

Collecting wine is a wonderful hobby, but it also requires having the right type of storage system for it. If wine is not stored properly, it can turn stale, sour, and bad. If you do not have a place in your home to properly store your wine collection, you could consider renting a wine storage shed for this. When you rent wine storage, you will have the perfect place to store all your wine, and this area will meet these three important qualities needed for making wine last.


One key element for preserving wine is storing it in an area with the correct temperature. The best temperature for storing wine is 45 degrees to 55 degrees F. White wines hold up better in colder temperatures than red wines, but storing wine above 55 degrees might lead to spoiling.

When wine is stored at colder temperatures, it can tend to lose its flavor, but when stored at hotter temperatures, it can make it taste bad.

If you decide to rent wine storage, find out what temperature the room will be and make sure it falls within these guidelines.

Humidity level

The second important factor in storing wine is the humidity level in the room it is in. Humidity levels can not only destroy the flavor of wine, but it can also cause problems with the corks in the wine bottles.

When wine is stored in a room with a low humidity, it can lead to cracking of the corks. If the corks crack, the wine bottles will actually open, which means the wine will be exposed to air. This can cause premature spoiling. High humidity can also lead to problems, and the number one problem is the growth of mold on the corks.

To protect wine and make it last, you should make sure you choose a wine storage facility that regulates humidity levels. The ideal level for wine storage is around 60%.

Placement and racking

Finally, when you rent wine storage, you should find out how the wine will be stored and racked. There are numerous theories about how wine should be stored and racked; however, many experts will agree that storing wine on its side at an angle is the best method.

This method keeps the wine against the cork, which prevents the cork from drying out, and it also keeps the correct level of air inside the bottles.

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