5 Tips For Storing Your RV In Hot Climates

Do you own, or are you considering buying an RV that will be stored in a very hot climate for the summer? If your RV is not in constant use during the summer, you would do well to take a few precautionary measures to ensure that the RV remains in great condition for your next RV adventure. Below, you will find a few tips that will do just that.


One of the most important things to remember is to allow for adequate airflow throughout the RV. This can be accomplished by opening the air vents slightly. You want them to be open enough for air to circulate through, but not so much that rain will leak into the RV.

Sun Protection

Keep the blinds in your RV closed and pull the sun visor around the windshield closed. The sun can be very damaging to the interior of the RV if it is allowed to continuously beat down on it. The dashboard could become dry and crack, the upholstery and carpeting could fade and the things that you store in the RV could quickly become damaged.


If you live in a very dry climate, place a 5-gallon bucket of water in the center of the RV. This will put enough moisture in the air to prevent the wood from drying and cracking.

If you live in a moist, warm climate, place a bucket or two of charcoal or silica gel packets throughout the RV to absorb the moisture from the air. This will help to prevent mold and mildew growth inside your RV.


Cover the tires to prevent them from becoming dry-rotted from sun exposure. If you don't have actual tire covers made for RVs, simply wrap a tarp around the tires and use a bungee cord to hold the tarps in place.


After your RV sits for a while, the batteries will go dead. You could disconnect every last electrical element in the RV, but there are several things that will "phantom drain" the batteries. Start your RV up a few times each month and allow it to run for several minutes to recharge the batteries.

These things will help to protect your RV while storing it in a very hot climate. Hopefully, your RV will get a lot of use this year and you won't need to spend much time preparing it for summer storage.