How To Keep Your Gaming PC In Good Condition While In Storage

If you're moving into a smaller home that lacks an office or you're traveling out of the country for several months, you may be interested in using a storage unit to store your gaming computer. In order for your PC to remain in good condition while you're away, you'll need to take special care to ensure that you get it ready for storage beforehand.

By knowing what's involved with storing your computer, you can avoid potential damage when you return.

Consider Disassembling Some Parts

With all the delicate parts involved with your gaming PC, it may be a good idea to partly disassemble it for storing. For example, you may want to remove the hard drive entirely or keeping the video card stored elsewhere.

Avoid Wrapping Anything in Plastic

Plastic can be decent at keeping dust off your gaming PC while in storage, but it can also lead to damage since it doesn't let airflow into your PC and will even lead to melting if the unit becomes too warm. Keeping plastic away from the delicate computer parts and placing a light sheet over your computer is a much better option.

Keep Your PC Elevated From the Floor

When placing your computer in the storage unit, it may be tempting to simply place it in the unit and be done with it. However, it's important that you consider the potential damage that could happen due to bugs getting near the computer or dirt that could be kicked up from the ground. Placing the computer on a shelf or other surface can help keep it elevated and reduce the risk of potential damage.

Ask About Climate Control Features

The best way to ensure your computer stays at a safe temperature while in storage is by prioritizing climate control. By choosing a unit that has climate control hooked up, you can be confident that the unit won't become too warm or cool.

Back Up Data Just in Case

One of the worst things that can happen while your PC is in storage is the hard drive getting damaged. In order to avoid any important documents being damaged while in storage, make sure to back up the data using an external storage device.

As you look into how to get your computer ready for storage, it's important that you make arrangements for a climate controlled unit that provides plenty of space and is safe against potential break-ins. With the tips above, you'll know what to do to keep the PC in the best shape possible.