Learn How to Start Buying Lockers at Storage Auctions

When someone does not pay the bill for their storage locker, the facility can choose to confiscate the items stored within it and then sell the items at a public auction. The items are sold at the auction so that the facility can try to recoup some of the money that they have lost by unpaid bills. If you are thinking about shopping at one of these auctions, you need to be properly prepared to ensure you know what you are getting yourself into before you actually make a purchase. The following guide walks you through everything you need to know about buying a storage locker at a public auction.

You Never Know What You Are Going to Get

When you go to a storage auction, it is important to realize that you are not going to get an inventory of the items in the locker before you make a purchase. You will have a few minutes to look into the locker to see if there is anything of value in it, but you will not be able to sift through boxes or even walk into the locker itself. If you are looking to resell the items in the locker, you want to keep an eye out for jewelry boxes, tool boxes, and safes. These items often have valuable items in them that will be easy to resell online or at a yard sale.

Not Everything Is for Sale in the Lockers

Just because you win a bid for an auction, that does not necessarily mean you will get to keep the items in the locker. Some items that are illegal to sell to someone. Stolen items will need to be turned over to the police. When you find items with serial numbers on them, such as guns, you need to run them through a serial number checker online to ensure that they are not stolen before you try to resell them. If there is anything exotic or rare in the locker, such as a taxidermy cougar, for instance, you would need to contact game and inland fishery to have a game warden let you know if you can sell the items or if they need to be confiscated. Selling an endangered or extinct animal carcass could land you in jail or cause you to have to pay hefty fines.

Be Prepared to Cash and Carry the Items

When you go to an auction, you have to pay cash for the lockers on the spot. After you have paid for the locker, you will have to remove everything from the locker before the close of business that day. That means that you need to have a crew and truck with you to get everything moved as quickly as possible. For more information, talk to a facility like Queensborough Mini Storage for Burnaby BC.