Don't Miss The Pocket: Tips For Moving Your Pool Table

Moving is a big task and it takes a lot of planning. Pool tables can be difficult to move, but proper preparation will ensure that your table will arrive in your new home safely. The following tips will help you get your pool table prepped and ready for your big moving day.

Disassemble the Entire Pool Table

Most pool tables are manufactured in many pieces and then assembled. These pieces create many weak places that can be damaged during moving.  It is essential to disassemble the table prior to moving it. Otherwise, the table may break while you are moving it from home to home.

During disassembly, you want to start with the small items first and then move to the larger items. For example, start by taking off the side pockets and removing any balls and accessories on the table. You can then move on to the bumpers, felt, the legs, and the base of the table.

Pack the Parts Appropriately

Once the table is disassembled, pack each part individually. Wrap the side pockets in a piece of newspaper to prevent any scratching. The felt should be folded up neatly and placed in a safe location. You want to try and avoid placing items on top of the felt to prevent creases and dips.

Wrap the Legs of the Table

Now, it is time to wrap the legs of the table. You can wrap them in bubble wrap or even in newspaper. You do not want the wood to become scratched, so make sure they are wrapped tightly and placed in a safe spot.

Moving the Table into Your Home

Once you are at your new home, move all of the pieces of the pool table into the desired location. You can start putting the table back together at this point, but make sure you have enough help to lift the table. Too much weight on any one or two of the legs can cause them to buckle and splinter.

Moving your pool table properly takes time in order to prevent damage to the table. You should always move the table in pieces as opposed to one piece and it is a good idea to have help on standby. With a little foresight, you can be sure that your pool table will continue to give you years of entertainment. Even if you decided to hire a professional moving company, it is still a good idea to understand the right way a pool table should be moved.

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