9 Tips To Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally conscious does not stop on your moving day. You can incorporate many green practices into moving so you can avoid a negative impact on the environment. Here are some tips for making your move green.

  1. Use linens and towels for padding. Instead of using bubble wrap or other packing materials to protect your fragile items, wrap them in linens or towels. Not only are you protecting your items, but you ensure all your linens and towels are moved.
  2. Recycle your old athletic shoes. Instead of packing up your shoes you do not use, turn them in to a recycling center. They can be recycled and used for a number of products, including playground surfaces. 
  3. Use plastic storage bins. Instead of using cardboard boxes that you will eventually throw away, use plastic bins. The bins can be used again for storing items in your home, including decorations, cleaning supplies, and clothing.
  4. Get rid of old clothing. Instead of wasting packing supplies, moving van space, and other resources to transport old clothing, donate it to charity before moving. You can even sell them in a garage sale or online. 
  5. Hire a green moving company. Look for a moving company that uses bio-diesel fuel to power its vehicles. You can also ask that all moving supplies that are used are recyclable. 
  6. Recycle old technology. Old tech items, such as an outdated computer monitor or stereo equipment, should be recycled instead of tossed out. Some electronics dealers even offer free recycling for certain equipment.
  7. Use green cleaning products. When it is time to clean out your old home, be sure to stock up on green cleaning products. You can also use the products to get your new home clean.
  8. Buy recycled paint. If you are painting your old or new home, opt for recycled paint. There is no difference in the quality of the paint and you can return the cans to the store where you purchased them to be recycled.
  9. Opt for green storage. In the event you need to rent a storage space, look for a company that offers green storage. Your items will be placed in wooden vaults that are more friendly for the environment.

Moving green is not only good for the environment, but it can also help you save on some moving expenses. It also does not take much more of an effort than usual to ensure that your move is environmentally friendly. Click here for more info and moving tips.