2 Reasons To Use A Disc Lock To Secure Your Storage Space

As you peruse the aisles of your local hardware store looking for a storage unit lock, it can be easy to zero-in on those price tags and forget about safety features. Some locks are much more secure than others. If your unit is secured with a flimsy lock, it could become an easy target for a storage unit thief. Here are two reasons to use a disc lock to secure your storage space, and what might happen if you decide to use a cheaper alternative:

1: Tamper-Proof Features

When it comes to lock security, disc locks contain several anti-theft features not present in other varieties. In fact, while some storage professionals state that traditional padlocks can be cut off in "less than half a second," disc locks, which cost around $30, are much more difficult to remove. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Protected Shackle: The shackle, which is the long, thin, curved bar that runs through the door hasp, is often the most vulnerable part of any lock. However, disc locks contain an enclosed shackle, which makes them more secure.
  • Nearly Impossible to Pick: Disc locks are also fitted with strong, tamper-resistant internal components that are very difficult to pick.
  • Round, Cylindrical Body: Believe it or not, that round, cylindrical lock body isn't just for looks. The smooth exterior is difficult to grip, which makes it much harder to cut. In fact, disc locks typically have to be cut off with a grinder instead of traditional bolt cutters, meaning that any thief would have to attract a lot of attention to access your unit.

If you can't find a disc lock at your local hardware store, call your storage facility and ask if they have them for sale.

2: User Friendly

One of the greatest pitfalls of traditional padlocks is that it is possible to close them without completely securing the lock. Unless you press the prongs tightly into the lock, they might pop free a few minutes later, leaving your unit accessible while you are away.

However, disc locks are more user friendly. When you use a disc lock, the rotation of the key actually moves the shackle in place—which means that you can't put your lock in place without closing it all of the way. In addition to protecting your unit, this feature might also save you from storage facility management phone calls about your storage space. 

By securing your storage unit with a sturdy disc lock, you might be able to fend off disaster, and enjoy your storage experience.