3 Mistakes To Avoid When Asking People To Help You Move

Moving day is approaching, and you're beginning to become overwhelmed by the huge number things you'll have to pack and move. Naturally, you start inviting friends to help you out, thinking that the more people you have present to help pack boxes and load the truck, the better. Unfortunately, inviting everyone and anyone to help you move is not always the wisest choice. Here's a look at why this is a mistake – and a look at several other mistakes you should avoid when asking people to help you move.

Mistake #1: Assuming that more helpers is always better.

If you have too many people show up on moving day, many of them will end up standing around because they're not sure what to do. You can only fit so many people going in and out of a doorway. Pick your best 3–5 friends as helpers, rather than inviting a huge crew. This way, you can easily assign everyone a task, and people won't trip over each other. Make sure that everyone you ask for help gets along, too, so you don't spend half the day resolving arguments.

Mistake #2: Not being specific enough in your descriptions of what you need other to help you do.

Asking someone to "help you move" is not very specific. You'll have an easier time finding people to help you if you are more specific about the tasks you need help with. For instance, ask someone "can you help me wrap up my dishes in preparation for the move?" or "Can you help me put boxes into the truck?" This helps you avoid situations in which someone says "no" to helping due to misconceptions about what they're going to be helping with. For example, someone with back trouble may say "no" if you ask him or her to help you move, but "yes" if you specifically ask for help wrapping dishes.

Mistake #3: Not giving people enough notice when asking for moving help.

Though good friends will often be willing to help you move, you have to understand that moving is not exactly fun for them either. If they have already agreed to attend something more fun on your moving day, such as a party or barbecue, they are not likely to cancel those plans to help you move. Thus, the secret to getting your chosen helpers to actually show up is to ask them as early as possible. Give them 2–3 weeks' notice, if possible. That way, when someone asks them to a party on the same day as your move, they'll feel obligated to say "No thanks, I already agreed to help someone move that day."

By avoiding the mistakes above, you can make moving day go much more smoothly. Remember to ask only a few reliable helpers, be specific about what you need, and give them plenty of notice. Moving day will fly by, and you'll be comfortably in your new place in no time. If you need to hire a moving company to help, contact Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Co.